On Monday December 6th the Washington Post published the first-ever informational ad on ME/CFS with emphasis on the new retroviral findings. The world watched while one million patients (in the US alone) refused to stay silent for one second longer.

Now is your chance to help further the patient-led fight to demand our dignity and assert our rights to equal funding and research.

Let's use the power of this ad.

We ask all those affected by ME/CFS to once again send the ad and the brief message below to their Congressmen and Senators. Fax is preferred for maximum impact, however email is OK too.

1. Find your Congressmen and Senator fax numbers and email addresses:

Go to Scroll down to the map of the US and follow the directions on the left side of the page to find contact information for your congressional representatives.

2. Fax the Ad with a Message:

We're going to make this really easy! We've provided a sample letter (which you can modify as much as you want) which includes the full Washington Post page as seen at the right.

Right click and save this sample letter to your computer. This document format (DOC) is usable with MS Word and OpenOffice. If you don't have MS Word, OpenOffice is a great free set applications including word processing and spreadsheets and is available for PC, Mac and Liunx. It can be downloaded here.

Open the file you've just saved and add your personal information plus that of the recipient and save again to your computer and remember this location.

Suggested Message: (Included in the sample letter)

Did you know a new HIV-like virus has been found in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) patients as well as blood donors? ME/CFS patients like me paid for a Washington Post ad alerting people like you about this health crisis. Please take a look. I've attached it to this fax! It was on page A12 of the December 6th issue of the Post and can also be found here:

Why did the CDC fail to find this viral link to ME/CFS when outbreaks were reported to them 25 years ago?

What are YOU doing to ensure our federal health agencies are using their resources to fund and thoroughly investigate the infectious agents found in ME/CFS patients like me?

Step by step directions for using Faxorama:

a) Go to

b) Fill in the Sender and Receiver information. This will be used to populate the cover page so there is no need to create one.

c) Click on "browse" next to the Attachment #1 window. Find and select the completed letter you stored on your hard drive.

d) Copy the confirmation code and click on "Send free fax now". You should receive a confirmation email when your fax is sent.

e) Repeat the process for the next recipient. Note that you can only two free faxes a day so you'll have to wait a day to get faxes to all three of your elected officials

Discuss your thoughts and ideas about this fax campaign with other patients.

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